This Listicle is actually FIVE Listicles In One.

Five Ways To Get Good At Pinball FAST.

1.) Learn the skillshot.

2.) Play the game in the same order every time.

3.) Don't nudge the table unless you REALLY need to.

4.) Most games have multiple ways to achieve multiball. Learn them all.

5.) Don't be afraid to make faces and lean into your shots.

Three Famous People Named Tom.

1.) Tom Gugliotta - Former NBA all-star

2.) Tom Cruise - Scientologist

3.) Tom Sawyer - A 1981 song by Rush

Four Very Lucky Numbers

1.) Seven

2.) Eleven

3.) Twenty four

4.) One

Three Great Foods For ANY Budget

1.) Tacos

2.) Pizza

3.) Cheeseburgers

Six Celebrities You Won't Believe Weigh...

135 pounds) Cher

190 pounds) Luke Wilson

345 pounds) Shaquille O'Neal

128 pounds) Betty White

175 pounds) Steven King

135 pounds) Lil Wayne